Building Automation & Controls Rebate

May 23, 2023


Cox-Powell is a participating contractor with Dominion Energy for their Non-Residential Building Automation Program and Existing Building Automation & Controls Program.

Each program will increase the efficiency of your building either by installing an energy management system or auditing and tuning your existing management system.

Both programs offer rebates to participating businesses. Act now; funds will run out quickly!


You are eligible to receive a rebate for recommissioning qualifying improvements to your existing energy management system.

Controls Rebate INCLUDEs:

  • Lighting systems and HVAC equipment scheduling
  • Night temperature setback
  • Chiller condenser temperature reset
  • Discharge air temperature reset
  • Static pressure reset
  • Dual enthalpy economizer control
  • Reduce VAV box minimum position
  • Chilled water reset
  • Outdoor air damper adjustments
  • Coil cleaning
  • Pump pressure reduction
  • Scheduling non-HVAC equipment
  • Advanced rooftop unit controls

You first need to fill out the customer eligibility form. Once approved, a Cox-Powell technician will review your project’s requirements. At this point, you can complete an optional audit with reimbursement, but this step is not required.

Then, a Cox-Powell technician completes an initial assessment of your facility. Once Dominion Energy reviews your project assessment, you will receive an application packet with the rebate incentive reserved.

Once the project installation is complete, you will submit a final application and receive your rebate amount.


The first step in this process is to complete an initial assessment of your facility. To make it easy, a Cox-Powell Technician can complete this assessment and submit it for you.


  • Facility age and size
  • Operating schedule and usage
  • Type of heating and cooling system

Once approved for the program, you will receive design recommendations from Cox-Powell. Then we will complete the installation, and you will submit a rebate application and receive your incentive payment.

After 12 months from the installation, Dominion Energy will re-evaluate your project’s performance, and you may be eligible to receive a bonus incentive.

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