Metal fabrication and ductwork are essential for various industries and ensure efficient operations, improved air quality, and building safety.


We understand that owning or managing a facility can be a challenging and demanding job. You have to ensure that everything runs smoothly, however, a poor air duct system can make your job even more difficult.

    Air duct cleaning brush system inside of a duct system


    We have the ability to meet small and large HVAC and industrial ventilation challenges in the industry head-on, including any specialty installations derived from different pressure classes or material requirements.

    Let us take care of your duct system, so you can focus on what you do best – managing your facility. 

    Our Services

    At Cox-Powell, we pride ourselves in covering nearly all aspects of HVAC repair, fabrication, retrofits, and upgrades.


    • Industrial and HVAC Duct Design
    • Fabrication and Installation
    • Capture Hoods
    • Platforms, Stairs, and Machinery Guards
    • Certified, Mig, Tig, and Stick Welding
    • Custom Industrial Process Components
    • Ventilation Systems

    “Exceptional is not a stretch to describe your service and team. You are true to your word and philosophy. It shows in the people I have interacted with that work for you. Today’s facility management is so much about partnering with service providers. Thank you for all that you and your company provide to ours.”

    -H.D. Brown, Norfolk Botanical Garden

    Ductwork FAQ’S

    What are the other alternatives for metal ductwork?

    There are alternatives to standard sheet metal, such as fiberglass, fiberboard, and flexible ducts.

    However, metal ductwork remains the most popular choice due to its fire resistance, durability, ability to clean, and overall performance.

    A section of my ductwork is damaged. Can you replace a section?

    Although it depends on the severity of the damage, metal ductwork can be repaired if it sustains damage.

    Repairs may involve sealing leaks, replacing areas of ducts, or strengthening strained areas. Hiring sheet metal professionals for ductwork repairs ensures proper techniques and materials are used.

    What regulations or standards govern metal ductwork installation?

    Industry standards and building codes dictate the design, installation, and maintenance of metal ductwork. Organizations like Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) provide resources to ensure duct systems meet safety, efficiency, and performance requirements. 

    Standard sheet metal

    In 1985, Cox-Powell Corporation incorporated the name and business lineage of Standard Sheet Metal inheriting a large customer base and maintaining loyalty among patrons within the Hampton Roads Area. 

    Standard Sheet Metal continues to provide fabrication, design of ventilation systems, exhaust systems, laboratory equipment, and dust collection systems for all of Cox-Powell Corporation’s needs and solutions.

    Transform Your Space with Precision and Craftsmanship

    Ready to shape your project with precision and expertise? Our sheet metal craftsmen are here to deliver excellence. From design to fabrication, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch for expert sheet metal solutions tailored to your needs.