Frustrated with your plumbing system?

From water heating issues to clogged drains and leaky pipes, plumbing issues can create major headaches for building owners and facility managers.

    Avoid disruptions

    Regularly servicing your systems can prevent common, often unnoticeable problems, like minor leaks or slower system draining, from wreaking havoc on your entire operation.

      Plumbing Services

      • Backflow service
      • Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom repairs
      • Video Pipe Inspections
      • Water softeners and iron removal
      • Drain and sewer maintenance
      • Sanitary Drain Waste and Vent Systems
      • Trench, Floor, and Roof Drains
      • Pump repair and maintenance
      • Boilers and Heaters
      • Forced Air Systems
      • Tankless Water Heat Exchange

      “Exceptional is not a stretch to describe your service and team. You are true to your word and philosophy. It shows in the people I have interacted with that work for you. Today’s facility management is so much about partnering with service providers. Thank you for all that you and your company provide to ours.”

      -H.D. Brown, Norfolk Botanical Garden

      Full-Service Plumbing

      Maintaining the plumbing system in your facility is vital to ensure costly and time-intensive plumbing issues are mitigated. 

      Regardless of complexity, Cox-Powell plumbing technicians can service your commercial plumbing system.