Overcoming Cooling Challenges in Commercial and Industrial server rooms

Cooling Constraints?

Automation and IT Server rooms generate lots of heat with expensive racks, network gear, and telecommunications equipment.

On top of that, computer systems are becoming more compact, and data centers and server rooms are becoming smaller. You may experience issues with:

  • Heat dissipation

  • Noise and vibration

  • Heat distribution

  • Scalability

  • Energy efficiency

  • Space limitations

  • Maintenance and monitoring

High-density data center cooling you can rely on

Precise temperature control in data centers and computer rooms is vital to maximizing the availability and performance of essential equipment.

Let Cox-Powell keep you cool for the next decade, so your computer room equipment doesn’t end up in a cloud of smoke.

Our Services

CRAC units are more technologically advanced and do more than control climate. These units can maintain and monitor temperature, humidity, and airflow.


  • Chilled Water
  • Direct Expansion
  • Up flow
  • Down flow

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-H.D. Brown, Norfolk Botanical Garden

Server Room FAQ’S

Why do server rooms need raised flooring?

Computer rooms with raised flooring help CRAC units perform more efficiently. The raised flooring allows cooled air from the CRAC units to be strategically dispersed through perforated floor tiles near the server racks.

This method, known as the hot aisle/cold aisle approach, allows cool air to go to the most critical areas of the computer room.

Impacts of Humidity

If high humidity inside your computer produces condensation, your computer could short-circuit. If this happens, you could lose data and damage some computer components.

For A1- A4 classes, humidity levels should at 60%. This level is easily attainable with a properly designed and maintained computer room air conditioning system.

Protect the Nerve Center of your Digital Resources

Cox-Powell’s stringent monitoring 24/7 will leave your business or facility with the peace of mind that your automation equipment is being effectively cooled.  Computer Rooms are also an ideal location for Controls monitoring Connect® mini agent.