CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance


Customized Preventive Maintenance

With a plan fit that fits your specific facility, a Care® Maintenance Plan can extend the life of your systems and comes with the peace of mind of knowing they are continuously operating in optimal condition.

    • Preseason Major Inspections
    • Predictive Equipment Failure
    • Periodic Operating Inspections
    • Reduced Downtime
    • Avoidance of Costly Equipment Repairs
    • Increased Energy Efficiency
    • Improved Bottom Line

    Sample Tasking Plan


    The CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance plan ranges from customized predictive and preventive programs to 24-hour on-call and emergency service.

    We can also provide on-site personal to staff critical equipment processes.

    • Increased energy efficiency
    • Improved Bottom Line
    • Planned preventative maintenance including preseason major and operating inspections
    • Reduced downtime and avoidance of costly equipment repairs
    • Bar-coding and unique equipment identification for better tracking and asset management
    • Access to Customer Portal
    • Discovery Sound Technology (predictive)
    • And more!

    “Cox-Powell treats every project with the careful attention that the end user would hope for. We appreciate the many cost saving ideas that you have offered. An owner or general contractor would be lucky to have you for a partner on any electrical project large or small.”

    -Suzanne Cheely, Busch Gardens

    Sample PLans


    For over 30 years, we provided on-site preventive and predictive maintenance to a Portsmouth plant that produces a super-absorbent material.

    Maintenance consisted of more than 2000 tons of refrigeration equipment, including ten 200-ton process chillers, control room environment systems that support the manufacturing process, and critical quality assurance laboratory systems.

    Production had to operate at total capacity to fill the order demands; therefore, part of the predictive program included scheduled compressor rebuilds and the design and installation of redundant systems.


    Provide on-site support to a brewery with a full-time Technician and two additional Technicians as needed. Services include preventive maintenance, repairs, and predictive maintenance activities on all the HVAC/R equipment in packaging, brewing, and utility office areas.

    Equipment ranges from the original (30 + years) to new systems and includes a state-of-the-art refrigeration system serving the employee dining/meeting facilities.

    CARE Service® FAQ’S

    What does regular maintenance look like?

    Maintenance of your commercial mechanical systems uses a combination of preventative maintenance and corrective actions to increase the longevity of the equipment. The specific steps in a maintenance plan can vary depending on the system and business operations, but here are some typical steps included:

    1) Cleaning: Removing debris, dirt, and dust from the equipment.
    2) Inspection: Motors, control systems, gas & electrical connections, valves, belts, and other components are thoroughly assessed. Any issues or problems with the machinery are identified and fixed.
    3) Lubrication: Reduce friction and wear on moving parts. Lubrication on motors, fans, bearings, and other moving parts reduces the chance of equipment damage
    4) Filter Replacement: To prevent clogging and inefficiencies, a regular changing of filters is crucial to indoor air quality and the protection of machinery throughout the system.
    5) Calibration: To maintain system accuracy, control devices, sensors, thermostats, and gauges are checked and recalibrated if necessary.

    During routine maintenance, documentation is critical. Documentation helps track the history of machinery, makes it easy to identify recurring problems, and plan future maintenance tasks.

    How do you determine what plan will work for me?

    Each CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance plan is tailored to your specific processes. Our team will always come to your facility first and ensure we consider your business operations and all facility equipment.

    Some questions we will ask:

    What is the run time of the equipment per day?
    How has the system been performing?
    What is the usage of the space and the occupancy levels?
    What does your energy bill look like?
    Have there been any drastic changes in your energy bill recently?

    How can I see what is done during each visit?

    Every Care Service® Plan follows a custom tasking sheet. This sheet acts as a preventative maintenance checklist for our technicians to complete with every service. You can view all technician notes in our Customer Portal.

    Committed to safety

    We follow OSHA guidelines to ensure safe work practices, protect personnel, and reduce exposure to hazards.

    Here For you 24/7/365

    Monitoring your HVAC equipment and having planned routine maintenance is essential for maintaining your business’s comfort, health, and safety.

    Our CARE Service® Preventative Maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing your machinery is regularly optimized for top performance.