As a full-service mechanical contractor, our design-build services encompass a wide range of expertise and support throughout the project lifecycle.

Design-Build benefits

Compared to traditional approaches to product delivery, where design and construction come from different organizations, design-build offers a range of benefits for any commercial facility.

Single Point of Responsibility

With design-build, you have a single point of contact for the entire project, from design to construction. Conflicts or communication difficulties between separate entities and clients managing multiple contracts are eliminated.

We take accountability for the project’s success, simplifying project management and enhancing project control.

Accelerated Project Delivery

Compared to the traditional linear process of the design-bid-build method, Design-build offers faster project delivery. The design and construction phases can overlap, allowing a more efficient timeline.

Early involvement of the design-build contractor provides for an early start of construction movements, resulting in quicker project completion.

Quality Control and Performance Guarantee

A design-build contractor controls the design and construction aspects. As such, they are responsible for ensuring that the project meets design intent, specifications, and industry codes and standards.

We conduct rigorous assessments, testing, and commissioning to deliver high-quality, fully functional systems. This results in better quality control and performance assurance.

Increased Innovation and Problem-Solving

The collaboration between design and construction teams in design-build projects encourages innovation and problem-solving. Integrating knowledge and experience leads to innovative designs, optimized systems, and improved project outcomes.

Our team works closely with each other, and their expertise is leveraged during the design phase. This allows for constructability reviews, brainstorming to solve potential challenges, and proactive solutions.

Committed to safety

We follow OSHA guidelines to ensure safe work practices, protect personnel, and reduce exposure to hazards

One Team, One Responsibility

We offer comprehensive design and planning services tailored to the project’s specific needs.

Our process involves collaborating with our clients, architects, and other stakeholders to develop elaborate engineering plans, specifications, and system layouts for a successful installation. 

    design-build vs design-bid-build


    Design-Build: The owner manages only one contact with a single point of responsibility. The designer, consultant, and subcontractor are on the same team providing unified recommendations.

    Design-Bid-Build: The owner must manage two separate contracts and often becomes the intermediary.


    Our Installation Process

    Planning and preparing for a successful commercial HVAC installation can be a significant undertaking but one that can be broken down into fundamental steps. 


    We work with you to understand your criteria & preferences.


    • Define the goal of the project​
    • Understand your budget limits​
    • Understand your schedule constraints​

    Planning and Design

    Review floor plans, occupancy rates and generated heat loads.

    Other factors included in this evaluation is the condition of any existing equipment, piping and ductwork, and a budget is determined.

    Installation Work

    An installation may require ductwork, electrical connections, plumbing, refrigerant lines, controls, and project management.

    As a full-service contractor, we have skilled technicians for any installation requirement. Access to our team of experienced technicians offers a quicker turnaround time with fewer disruptions.

    Monitoring and Maintenance

    This involves ongoing maintenance and inspection to ensure that the system operates at peak efficiency and identifies potential issues that may affect its performance.

    “The complexity of designing and installing from scratch a new electrical and HVAC system in these buildings becomes tedious. The difficulty is to preserve the architectural elements that need to be protected by local agencies and our client’s desires. Your team has accomplished these tasks with proper planning and professional tradesmen.”

    Dave Saunders, Kirby Perkins Construction

    Connect with Design-Build Experts

    Rather than planning your next expansion alone, let Cox-Powell help you.

    The Design-Build process significantly reduces project timelines and costs. Our integrated approach allows for faster decision-making, earlier start dates, and efficient construction processes.