Two Unit Installation on Crane

April 30, 2024

Port cranes operate in demanding environments and are exposed to the constant strain of heavy lifting. While operator comfort is important, air conditioning plays a critical role beyond that. It’s essential for maintaining the optimal performance of the crane itself, specifically the electronics, switchgear/motors, and Programmable Logic Controller.

This project involved replacing two existing HVAC units to ensure a crane’s efficient operation. We swapped older units for newer, more efficient models.


  • Detached supply and return duct from both units on crane.
  • Disconnected electrical for new units to be set. 
  • Four bolts were removed and anchored on both units to hold the unit to stand on the crane.
  • Removed drain line for both units.
  • Put both new units in the existing location on the crane.
  • Rewired electrical data
  • Reattached supply and return duct to new units with screws, also taped and duct sealed duct to prevent any air loss.
  • Installed new PVC for drain.
  • Checked fan rotation on new equipment for proper rotation.
  • Checked voltage to make sure the appropriate amount was being supplied. 
  • Turn the unit on in cool mode.

This project exemplifies a commitment to proactive maintenance and maximizing crane functionality. Two new, high-performance air conditioning units were installed, replacing outdated models. These upgraded systems operate at peak efficiency, ensuring a reliable and consistent cooling solution for critical crane functions. 

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