Hot Water & Chilled Water Coils Replacement

February 23, 2024

Cox Powell Corporation replaced the Chilled Water & Hot Water Coils on a XeteX ERU with (2) new coils to serve an athletic center on the main campus at a Private School in Richmond, Virginia. The previous coils were inefficient and nearing the end of their lifespan. The newly installed coils improve the system’s reliability and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.


• Disconnect and remove the existing hot water & chilled water coils from unit.

• Utilize crane to lift new palletized coils up to roof; Crane will also be used to bring old coils off of the roof

• Install new chilled water & hot water coils in place and secure within unit chassis.

• Provide and install new 2” pro-press couplings and ball valves to supply and return side of each coil to connect loops. Check piping for leaks. Remove air from lines

• Re-insulate lines on roof; Reconnected existing heat trace lines to the new piping

• Test system; Final cycle complete

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