Cold Storage Refrigeration

June 26, 2024


This project involved the complete design, removal, and replacement of refrigeration systems for four warehouses at a cold plant facility. The existing systems, which had been in operation for 50-plus years, were nearing the end of their useful life and were experiencing increasing maintenance issues. Our goal was to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution that would improve temperature control, reduce operating costs, and ensure the continued safe and reliable storage of temperature-sensitive products.

The system is designed to maintain 38-42 degrees with a 70% RH. We installed 2 Air Cooled Condensers and 6 Ceiling Hung Evaporators in each of the four warehouses.

During the installations, the existing units remained online so that the product wasn’t affected. Each warehouse experienced a minimal shutdown as power was switched over from the existing to the new equipment, which then started cooling the warehouses.


We furnished and installed four air-cooled condensing units with the following features:

  • Defrost Timers
  • Phase Monitors
  • Liquid line filter
  • Replaceable suction filter
  • Thermal expansion Valves
  • Sight glass
  • Crankcase heaters
  1. We furnished and installed 24 ceiling-hanging evaporators. Each unit weighs 300 lbs. The units will have pitched drain pans with corrosion resistant casing.
  2. We sized and installed the necessary refrigeration lines. The lines were routed between the new condensing units and the new evaporators.
  3. We furnished and installed drain lines from each evaporator. The drains were routed to the exterior of the building and terminated at splash blocks. The drain lines have clean-outs installed.
  4. The new outdoor units were set on concrete pads. Each pad is 24’x6′ and designed for 2,360 pounds.
  5. We installed the necessary low-voltage controls.
  6. We installed the necessary conduit and wire needed for the electrical service for the new compressors. Power was derived by reusing the existing 100amp disconnects and rerouting the load side from the existing compressors to the location of the new compressors.
  7. We installed the conduit and wiring needed for the new evaporators. Power was derived from the existing circuitry, which currently feeds the existing air handler. Wiring from the existing 60amp switch to the location in the refrigerated area was reused.
  8. All conduit and wiring was installed as per the National Electrical Code.
  9. All work was completed during normal working hours, 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday.


By successfully replacing the refrigeration systems in warehouses 1 through 4, we ensured the cold plant facility could continue to operate at peak performance. This project demonstrates our expertise in designing and installing complex commercial HVAC solutions that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and long-term value for our clients.

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