Lighting Upgrade Rebate

March 30, 2023

Save money with your lighting system!

Need a more efficient lighting system in your facility? Now is the time to upgrade or install a new efficient lighting and controls system and get cash back! Cox-Powell is a certified contractor for Dominion Energy’s Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls Program. Included technologies in the program are T8s, T5s, LEDs, and occupancy sensors.

Here is an example of the visual impact of a lighting upgrade in a commercial setting:

Want to view the rebate incentive amounts per fixture? 

Participating in this program will increase the amount saved on your electric bills while providing a more comfortable and appealing environment for your employees and customers.

Steps for Lighting Upgrade Rebate

It is easy to participate!

  1. A Cox-Powell technician will complete an initial assessment to reserve rebate funding with a Dominion Energy representative.
  2. Install qualifying energy-efficient measures.
  3. Cox-Powell will submit the rebate application on your behalf.

A Cox-Powell technician completes the inspection by checking the facility for your existing fixtures and occupancy sensor’s quantity, wattage, and location.

Once the inspection is complete, Cox-Powell must complete your project within 120 days. After completion, you should receive your rebate check in the mail within 45 days from the completion date. Quickly moving forward with this program is essential, as funds get swiftly withdrawn. Learn more about the benefits of an upgraded lighting system here.

Are you interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment for an assessment? 

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